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We are a team of experts in advertising and social media

We have been helping clients achieve their online business results for years

Friends from the very beginning!

How did we find ourselves on this adventure?

In fact, some stories begin even before people can get to know each other. And we found ourselves almost by chance sharing the same path.

Digital, communication, and online tool enthusiasts. Geeks and super nerds. That said, our paths crossed in Rimini and we have never been apart since.

We have joined forces by building a truly complete team!

Comunication skill
Web develop
Digital performance management
Creative thinking
Sales management


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Giorgia Palazzo

Geek manager, Digital cose e Founder


Manuel Arlotti

General nerd, growth haker e Sales addicted

unnamed (2)

Giuseppe Bonaccorso

Project manager, content & gamers since 1983


Irene Penserini

Social media addicted, healthy e food lovers


Pietro Palazzo

Innovation manager & full stack developers from around the world

Transparency first

Mission Helping advertisers better understand branded content players.

Vision Creating a transparent digital world based on data.

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